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A Dixie Biker Welcome.

Welcome to the new Dixie Biker your home for news, events, and information relating to the biker lifestyle in WV and beyond. Stay tuned and keep checking back as we build out the site and work on making this the premier biker hangout for the mountain state.

My name is David E Stemple Jr. aka Dixie Dave and I'm the new owner of DixieBiker.com. While I'm not affiliated with the previous owners of the site or the magazine I would like to take the time to say RIP to Warren Anthony "Monk" Schwarz the man who originally owned this site and ask our users to please take the time to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in his name.

Thank You.

For information, to request an escort for a fallen or returning hero, or to join the Patriot Guard Riders please Click Here.

Local Biker Events BMR 2017.

Every year bikers decend on Tucker County WV for a little hillbilly fun in the country provided by "Panhead" Frank Dotson & Cycle Source Magazine.

I speak of course of the Big Mountain Run a kick ass get together pitting bikers against each other in some extremely fun yet not so usual ways.

Still don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the video to learn more or click that little link up above, buy tickets, and find out what we mean you won't regret it.

Dixie Dave's Open in Parsons.

You may notice the copyright at the bottom of this page says Dixie Dave's instead of Dixie Biker. That's because Dixie Dave's is the parent company for Dixie Biker.

Dixie Dave's is our online retail location providing merchandise ranging from confederate, patriotic, military, conservative, biker, police, fire, EMS, and more.

Watch the video to the left to see our Parsons WV retail location and if your passing by Parsons feel free to swing by and check us out.

Real men and women welcome whiny liberal types enter at your own risk.

A little Moonshine Bandits.

One of our favorite songs by one of our favorite bands.

Check it out.

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